January meeting minutes

Hello GHRPC Members.

Draft Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
Grays Harbor Rifle and Pistol Club
January 16, 2024

The Meeting was called to order @ 6:30 by President Riley Morris.

Executive Board/Trustees/Committee members present included: 
President:          Riley Morris
Vice President:   Roy Pauley (excused)
Treasurer:          Shaleen Scott
Secretary:          Diane Head
Trustee:             Gina Rawlings
Trustee:             Colin Scott
Trustee:             Jacob Matsen                                 
Committee Chairs:  
Lance Fry:  Trap Shoot                        
Jerry Charlton: Black Powder
Gary Emberley: Pistol League
Dale Hensley: .50 BMG
TREASURER REPORT: Shaleen gave the treasury report.

The Draft Meeting Minutes of December 19, 2023, minutes were read.
By vote of the membership, the December19, 2023, minutes were approved.
Riley announced that Jim Walsh will be the clubs guest speaker at our February 20th meeting thanks to Gina Rawlings hard work.
He also discussed with the group the definition of “Dawn to Dusk” in relation to hours of outdoor shooting allowed at the range.
The new club mandate was reviewed by Riley, for new and existing club members. The purpose behind the mandate of all members attending one monthly membership meeting a year is simply because members need to keep up to date on range policies and it seems some members have forgotten the basic rules of the Range. This has resulted in possible harm to members and definite damage to OUR RANGE. Going forward: A SHORT REVIEW OF THESE RULES WILL BE READ AT EVERY MEETING.
The GHR&PC Board agreed to implement a special paper punch for each Club Member’s membership card when they attend a meeting. 
If you have a punched membership card, you may renew your 2024 membership at the monthly meeting or via USPS mail by sending your current punched membership card, a completed “B” form and your dues. 
If you have lost your card, it can be replaced for free at the meeting and punched at the same time, or you may have a replacement membership card mailed to you for a $5.00 fee, but you will still need to attend a meeting to get your membership card punched.
The Executive Board will require members to attend at least 1 meeting annually
We recognize that some members will be exempt from this rule. Members with disabilities, medical conditions, Life members, members that live out of county or state and members that rely on others to bring them to the range. To request an exemption referencing the above situations: Please send an email to the Gun Club with “Exemption” in the subject line. Give us a brief explanation of why you are asking for the exemption.
PLEASE KNOW WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR YOUR PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION. This process requires you to be “On Your Honor” to request consideration. 
The Exemption Request will be reviewed by the committee on a case-by-case basis.  We will respond via email with our decision. We want to accommodate those members truly in need. 
Thank you, 
GHRPC Board of Directors

Riley gave the email reminder for current and new members:
Riley announced to the club that proper documentation has been presented by Chuck Lair, he requested a club donation to Delta Park for Maintenance, the board voted in favor of a $400.00 annual donation to the park.
Riley reminded members.
(1) If you bring it into or onto the range, take it out with you when you leave (the range does not have garbage service).
(2) Please try and park in an orderly fashion in the parking lot.
(3) Keep non-family member guests to two (2).
(4) Members entering or leaving the range, lock the gate behind them.
The contact numbers are on our website & the whiteboard at the indoor range. If you see damage or have an accident on the range,  Please notify Roy or Riley, immediately.
Riley opened Election nominations for board members.
By vote of the attending membership the nominations currently are:
President, Riley Morris
Vice President, Roy Pauley
Treasure, Shayleen Scott
Secretary, Diane Head
Trustee, Jake Matsen

He also announced an additional membership card punch or membership renewal day for February 10, 2024 @ 12:00 Noon. Please do not be late
Shayleen reminded members renewing via USPS to check the status of their payment with their bank prior to contacting her regarding their membership card and key.

Gina reminded new and current members of the club’s firearm safety classes, along with instructions on how to register. She shared information of cost increase for the classes beginning in January 2024,

Jake gave instructions re: signing up for the recreation and lease lands. He also reminded members to clean up after yourselves and that there is NO HUNTING in the park or the range.

TRAP SHOOT: Generally, Trap Shoots are scheduled for the third Sunday of each month. We will have an occasional Saturday shoot that will be announced at the meeting and posted on our web calendar. On the day of the trap shoot, the upper range will be closed from 9am to noon. The trap will commence at 9:30 am. Rifle shooters can shoot until 9am on this date. All other ranges will remain open. To protect our equipment, there will NOT be a trap shoot if it is raining. So, if your head gets wet, stay home! Lance reminded trap shooters to carry spent shells in pockets or carrier, otherwise leave them on the ground, until shooting is finished.
The next trap shoot is scheduled for Sunday, 1/21/24 @ 9:30. Please check the latest minutes for the current Trap Shoot scheduled calendar dates-refer to the weather forecast as mentioned in the previous paragraph. For more Trap Shoot information call Lance Fry @ 360-249-8043
BLACK POWDER GROUP: Meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

PISTOL LEAGUE:  Meets Jan-March. (Practice begins in Nov/Dec). Lasts 10 weeks and will start the 2nd Monday in January (1/8/24).
BMG (Specifically Browning): Contact Dale Hensley.                                                          

Basic Pistol and First Step Qualification CourseEagle Trover will be independently providing the Safety and Firearm course.
Effective January 2024, the cost will be $100.00 per person, with a $50.00 deposit upon registration for the class. The class size is limited to 8-10 people. Classes are set to be the last Sunday of each month; 1pm to 6pm. Class application and deposit can be turned into Riley Morris or Roy Pauley on the club meeting night before 6pm. 
This class is open to members and the public
For more information, please go to our website and open the Training Tab.

To sign up for the recreation property through the Gun Club, you must first register with Rayonier at: https://www.rayonierhunting.com/. Do Not select a specific land when registering. 
Once you have completed registration, contact Roy Pauley at: (360) 581-9885.
Roy Pauley will provide a window sticker once you have registered on the Rayonier site. Again, please contact Roy after registering to complete the entire process.   

NEW December Members:
Jerry Felton                      Micah Dunning                 Earl Goodwin                    Jake Howard
George Kelly                     Erik Loewen                       Shane Lucas                      Christian Vaughn
Jessica Vaughn               Brett Wilson                      Vincent Hedrick                                              
A total of 11 prospective members submitted their applications and introduced themselves to the Membership. Applicants were approved by The Membership & voted in as a block.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Diane Head (Secretary)
Club meetings are @ 6:30 PM, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
It is HIGHLY recommended that new members and members renewing arrive at 5:30 p.m., to expedite the application/payment process and ensure that the meeting starts on time.  Please inform prospective members of this as well. 
NO New or Renewal memberships will be processed, after 6:00 p.m. at the monthly meetings.
(Please be sure you sign into club meetings, activities, and donation of volunteer time to keep accurate records. Thank you.)

 Visit our website Like us on Facebook Club meetings are at 6:30PM on the third Tuesday of each month
in the indoor range located at: 
Grays Harbor Rifle and Pistol Club
1362 E Hoquiam Rd
Hoquiam, WA 98550