Rules Reminder indoor range

Over the last few months, we have noticed on our security cameras a breaking of our range rules when it comes to the use of pistols and rifles in the indoor range. Just a little reminder and a clarifier of the range rules.

The indoor range is a PISTOL range with exception of 22 caliber rifles. No magnum, center fire or 17 caliber ammunition allowed.

GHRPC defines a pistol or revolver as a weapon that is designed to be shot with one hand. It has no shoulder stock and no forearm support. It is a side arm.

If your pistol has a folding stock, it is a rifle. If it has a forearm grip or heat shield, it is a rifle. If it can accommodate a stock or forearm, it is a rifle. Barrel length does not change GHRPC definition of a pistol.

Smith & Wesson, Heckler and Koch, Daniel Defense and other gun manufacturers have put out a line of AR firearms calling them pistols, and they just might be, but GHRPC does not recognize these as appropriate for our indoor range.

The reason for this reminder is because of the considerable damage to the indoor range that comes from shooters not being able to control their shots. We have asked shooters to practice outside until they can at least hit the paper target. It’s not that difficult, just takes some self control. 

Thank You

GHRPC Officers